is inspired by "Baba Yetu," means "Our Father" in Swahili, and its lyrics are a translation of The Lord's Prayer. Listening to this song, we feel the uplifting majesty of creation.


Use technology to let folks understand the wisdom of The Bible

Origin Story

Babayetu was started because:

  • I wanted to read in-depth analysis of verses for Bible study
  • There has been little innovation in faith-based technology for 10+ years
  • With increasing societal unrest in the West, the antidote is making the Word easier to learn

Faith is courage in the face of uncertainty. I appreciate Dr. John Wise's definition of faith as "moving forward by trusting what you have good reason to believe is true in spite of uncertainty." We have faith not because we require complete evidence (otherwise, everyone would believe), but because we have sufficient and reasonable evidence.

For 10 years, I've wanted to create my own software, but hesitated to take the leap. It was only after coming to God that I have the clarity to pursue my ventures.

We are truly free when we have no more fear, except fear of the Lord.

Our Team

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I am a software engineer who loves teaching, games, economics, and art. Here're truths that were revealed to me over my lifetime:

  • If mankind was hardware, then Christianity is the best software
  • We are creators, because we are made in God's image
  • The Bible is the greatest weapon for peace